Atkins Phase 1 (20gm carbs) Plan

Atkins is a low-carb diet promoted by Robert Atkins in 1972 beneficial for weight loss. Atkins diet is very popular because it reduces the carbohydrate and increases the quantity of protein in your food that helps in weight loss program.

This is only for two weeks.


2 eggs omelette with almond oil and y2 avocado and heavy cream & cheese ( carbs - 5g ).

2 eggs half fried with olive oil & mushroom baked 1 cup, tomato salad ( carbs - 7g ).


Iceberg lettuce cooked 1 cup with white fish tomatoes ( carbs - 4g ).

Swiss chard cooked 1 cup with cod fish roasted ( carbs -4g ).

Tuna fish baked with Spinach cooked 1 cup ( carbs - 4g ).

Cauliflower cooked 1 cup with salmon grilled ( carbs - 3g).


Cherries 5 with whipped cream ( carbs - 3g).

Cantaloupe 1 cup with sunflower seeds ( carbs - 5g).

Celery stuffed 1 cup with cream cheese ( carbs - 4g).

Pre Dinner

Smooth cauliflower soup 1 cup ( carbs - 4g).

Creamy mushroom soup 1 cup ( carbs - 3g).

Chicken soup with creamy 1 cup ( carbs - 1g).


Chicken wings grilled with cucumber ( carbs - 2g).

Pork chops roasted with carrot ( carbs - 2g).

Shrimp stuffed with broccoli ( carbs - 4g).

You take following food in this phase.

Eggs - Fried, omelette, soft boiled, scrambled.

Fish - Tuna, salmon ,sardines,sole,tront,cod,halibut,shrimp.

Meat - Chicken, lamp, duck, turkey, bacon, pork, ostrich.

Oil - Olive oil, sunflower, soybeans, walnut.

Cheese - Cream cheese, whipped, milk, heavy cream.

Vegetable - Spinach, radish, bok choy, lettuce, bottom mushroom, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, bell peppers, kale, tomato, green beans, pumpkin, garlic, asparagus, zucchini, avocado, onion, ginger.