Atkins Phase 3


1 whole wheat bread with 2 eggs omelette and half orange (carbs -15g).

Half cup Quinoa (cooked) with half apple and 5 almonds (carbs -18g).


Oatmeal one fourth cup with chicken grilled and 1 medium carrot (carbs -16g).

1 whole wheat bread with kidney beans one third cup (cooked) and tomato 1 medium (carbs -20g).


Half sweet potato baked with half cup cherries (carbs -14g).

one third corn boiled with papaya half cup (carbs -16g).

Pre Dinner

Broccoli cheese soup 1 cup (carbs -3g).

Creamy tomato soup 1 cup (carbs -2g).


Spinach 1 cup (cooked) with pork chops and cucumber salad (carbs -4g).

Brown rice half cup cooked with shrimp roasted (carbs -20g).

You take following food in this phase.

Vegetable - Carrots, rutabaga, beet, peas, acron squash, sweet potato, potato, corn.

Fruit - Coconut, cherry, watermelon, papaya, guava, apple, kiwi, pineapple grapes, mango, orange, dates, banana, pear.

Grains - Oat bran, quina, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, rice, whole wheat pasta, wheat bran.