How to do Shoulder Workout with Bent Over Lateral Raise

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August 25, 2018
Arms Exercise
Arms Exercise
September 24, 2018
Shoulder Workout with Bent Over Lateral Raise

Many human beings don’t have much information about this exercise. People always do the workout for front and lateral Deltoid Muscle , however, this exercise is also beneficial for the shoulder joint. It is essential to the development of all three Deltoid Muscle . You can do this exercise along with back workout and shoulder workout.

Joint action:- Shoulder transverse extension
Muscle is used:- Posterior deltoid.



How to do: – First, lift the dumbbells in your hand as per your capacity. Put your chest up and push the hips backside and make your position like a Bow. Now lift your shoulder a little bit and lift and your both hands parallel to your shoulders and then put it down. Make your position same in all the sets. Take a breath in when you put the hand down and release when you lift the dumbbell upside.





Checkout workout video :


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