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Belly fat is one of the biggest problem of this world and it also associated with many health issues and diseases such as type-2 diabetes, thyroid and many more.  People searching for only one query how to Lose Belly Fat on the internet.  ‘Weight Loss‘ became a highest searching questions on the internet browser now-a-days.


Belly fat is an excessive fat that spread around the stomach. It looks very odd when you wear tight clothes sometimes it causes of embarrassment in front of others. It is very difficult to lose fat from belly region. Many people try to lose belly fat by eating less or doing fast in the Indian continent, which is not at all a good idea and causes of many side-effects.


Best Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat Fast


  • Cardio Exercises: – Cardio exercise is one of the best ways to reduce Belly Fat. With this exercise you can easily burn the extra fat that accumulates around your waist and it also helps to get your body in a proper shape. If you are doing cardio on a daily basis, you will get a fit body and a long healthy life. A cardio exercise includes cycling, swimming, running, jogging and walking and so many other exercises.

  • Cycling: – Cycling is a great cardio exercise, it improves your stamina and also help to lose much fat. If you are riding a cycle at slow-medium speed for a long time it is very effective for weight loss. It not only lose your belly fat, but also reduces your overall body fat percentage.

  • Swimming: – Swimming is the popular form of cardio exercise. Swimming uses all the muscles in your body so generally, you get a full body workout. You can reduce your overall fat with swimming and also get a fit body.

  • Running: – Jogging or running is a popular form of physical activity. Running requires a higher level of overall fitness than jogging. It is beneficial for overall fitness and also boosts your stamina.

  • Walking: – Walking is also a type of cardio exercise. It is very beneficial for the older person and also for that person who has some health problems and not able to do strong physical exercise. Waking Fast help in weight loss.

  • Crunches: – Crunches are one of the easiest and effective exercises for the core part of the body. There are many other benefits of this exercise; because it doesn’t require any extra equipment so it is also cost-effective.

  • Skipping: – Skipping help to reduce blood pressure. You can get a flexible body with this exercise. Regular skipping session improves muscle and decreases stress level. Daily one hour rope skipping will burn up to 1000 calories.


  • Plank: – Planks are the best exercise for building abs and core strength of the body. 15 minutes plan exercise help to reduce your belly fat and also increase your metabolism rate.


  • Squats: – If you are looking for easy and powerful exercise than you can go for squats. It is not only making your leg strong but also reduces your belly fat. You can perform this exercise in various forms.

  • Pushups: – It helps to increase the strength of forearms, wrist, shoulders, and chest. It accelerates blood flow in the human body and improves metabolism rate. You can choose various grips in pushups like diamond pushups, close grip, a wide grip which gives strength to your different muscle in the upper body.




Weight loss is a mind game until you are not set an aim you will not lose your weight. Many people talk about this issue and give you a lecture on it but you get the result only when you follow it. Many times we start this diet plan and set out mind but after 20 to 30 days we start to ignore it and this is the main cause of the problem. So every time just set your mind and follows the rules you will get the result. Here are some tips that are very effective in a weight loss program and also give you the best result in a few days.


Dietplan247 will help you to loss your weight with the help of food only. If you wish to do exercises so it’s up to you, with the exercises you will get more effective results but if you are working on a company and sit a long time on a chair so it’s not easy to give few minutes for an exercise. This is the biggest problem for worlds 30% population who is working in a company and sitting on a chair almost half a day. This type of daily routine cause of many dangerous health issues like blood pressure, thyroid, obesity, heart problem, and so many other diseases.

Here are some solution to break fat and get a fit body.

Cut Sugar: – Sugar is very harmful to your body so cut sugar percentage from your daily routine. Don’t use artificial sugar in your coffee or tea because artificial sweetener made synthetically and provide the same test as sugar which can increase your fat and weight.

Drinking water: – Up to 66% of the human body is water. So it’s true that drinking more water can actually help in weight loss. Water can boost your metabolism rate. Higher metabolism rate help to burn a few more calories. For a weight loss program, you should take more than 3-liter water in a day.

Add protein: – Protein is very important for the overall growth of body because it builds body, hair, nails and also repair damaged tissues. So include high protein items in your diet.

Away from Junk Food: – Junk food is the cause of these entire problems it not only increase fat and the chances of any dangerous disease but also reduces your overall lifespan. So totally avoid it.

Avoid Tea, Try Green: – If you are a tea-addicted and not able to leave, so you can try Green tea instead of normal milk tea. It is the best alternative for tea. An herbal green tea helps in weight loss program.

Low Carb Diet: – In a Low Carb diet, you get high protein and low carb that you found in your regular diet which is the best diet plan for weight loss. Dietplan247 provide the best low carb diet plan which helps to reduce your weight.

Cut your Diet in Parts: – If you are eating food 2 times or three times in a day to leave this habit and try to cut your diet in 5 to 6 parts because with cutting diet help in weight loss. When you cut your diet in parts so you can easily digest your food and it also reduces the chances of fat increment.

Last word

You can try this exercise and tips which help in your weight loss. Reducing belly fat is not a one day task. It wants more efforts and strong willpower.

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