Leg press

You can lift more weight with the help of this exercise just you need to be in the right and good form. If you have a problem in your lower back, then don’t do this exercise or you also can do seated leg press. This exercise is not effective as compared to squat, Lunges or step-up workout.

Joint work:- knee extension, Hip extension
Muscle is used:- Quadriceps, Gluteus minimus, Hamstring.

How to do:- Make your position on the Leg Press machine and fix your back on the seat. Now keep your leg on the footrest, your legs should be parallel to your shoulder. Press the weight also your head should be at the height. Make sure your leg should be soft when you press the weight. Now press weight with some speed and take it down slowly. Take a breath in when you press the weight and release it when you take it down.