Lunges Exercises

After the squats exercise what comes in mind that is best for legs, “Lunges exercise”.  A single exercise that gives strength to your legs and build up the muscle. This exercise also helps in the weight loss as it removes extra accumulated fat around the hips.

Lunges exercise is very helpful in sports activity. This single exercise gives a tough and strong shape of your legs.

There are some types of muscle that are used in this exercise:-

  1. Quadriceps
  2. Gluteus maximus also called as “Gluteus medius”
  3. Gluteus minimus.

In this exercise, you can learn how can you perform perfect Lunges exercise.

There are too many ways of Lunges exercises, some are listed below:-

1. Jumping Lunges
2. Walking Lunges
3. Reverse Lunges

First, we show you the way of free weight Lunges exercise.

Free Weight Lunges

Stand straight, then keep your legs parallel to shoulder. Lift your leg and take forward and bend your knee. Remember, always keep your thigh straight when you bend your knee. Don’t take forward your knee as compare to your shoe.

You can also use dumbbells and barbells if you want to do this exercise with weight.

Jumping Lunges

Reverse Lunges