Step up

The step-up squat is a moment that you perform after the lunges exercise without the use of machine. You can do this exercise at your Home. This exercise is similar as you do perform Single-leg squats. This exercise help to improve your stability also helps to strengthen your “Lower back”.

Joint action:- Knee extension, Hip extension

There are some types of muscles which are used in this exercise:-

1) Quadriceps
2) Gluteus medius
3) Gluteus minimus
4) Hamstring.

Steps for Step-up squats:-

First, take your step up on board and put your leg on it. Now see, your thigh is parallel to your floor or not. Your leg position should be at 90 degrees. Your upper body should bend in the forward side as you see in squat exercise. Now lift-up your right leg until your left leg is in a straight position. Return back to previous position with the help of your shoe toe.

Free Weight Step Up

Step Up with Dumbbell

Step Up with Bar