Low Carbs

A Low card diet is very beneficial for weight lose. In this diet you eat real food without the high carbohydrates that founds in your regular diet.


1 glass of warm water with honey and lemon.


2 eggs and vegetable fried in coconut oil, watermelon (1cup) 4-5 almonds (carbs - 10g).

2 eggs skillet baket and spinach (1cup) with olive oil, 1 avocados, 10g walnuts (carbs-12g).

2 floorless eggs and cheese with 4-5 strawberries 1 cup yogurt ( carbs-12g).


Spinach (1cup) cooked with tofu roosted 50g salad -cucumber, broccoli (carbs -13g).

Cauliflower baked 1 cup with 100g chicken grilled salad - raddish, cucumber (carbs-9g).

Celery cabbage cooked with shrimp roasted 100gm Salad- beetroot, broccoli (carbs-11g).

Parshy (cooked) 1cup with chicken leg roasted 2 pic (carbs-6g) Salad- raddish, cucumber.


Coconut water 100gm with sunflower seeds (carbs-13g).

Black coffee with 2 low chocolate carbs cookies (carbs-10g)

Black tea with 2 low carbs peanut butter cookies (carbs-7g).

Pre Dinner

Chicken soup 1cup (carbs-1g).

Green peas soup 1cup (carbs-5g).

1cup- chicken broth +greak yogurt (carbs-2g).

1cup- mixed vegetable + heavy cream (carbs-5g).


Bokchey (Chinese cabbage) cooked 1cup with turkey roosted-cucumber, broccoli (carbs-7g).

Parsley cooked 1 cup with 2 pork meat bolls (carbs-10g).

Spinach cooked 1 cup with cod fish stuffed-raddish, carrot (carbs - 6g).

What you can't eat?

Sugar, wheat, seed oil, transfat.

Sugar- soft drink, fruits juices, candy, ice-cream sweets.

Refined grain - wheat, rice, cereal, pasta.

Transfat - hydrogenatied oil.

What you can eat?

Eggs- omega 3 enriched or Pastured egg are best.

Fish- 0 carbs , omega- 3 and 6, protein.

Vegetable- spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, radish, beetroot - contain vitamins and fibers.

fruits- apples, orange, pears, blueberries, strawberries - contain vitamins, minerals.

Seeds- sunflower seed - contain protein, fiber and iron.

Meat- chicken, pork, beef, lamb - protein, iron, vitamins, contain 9 essentials amino acids.