Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press

This is the heavy workout of the shoulder movement. In this you can lift more and more of the weight. This is the first workout to be done on shoulder and more effective than barbell. This won’t make you tire and less chances of injuries. You just have to do with right technique. You can perform the same in standing position and as well as sitting. But standing dumbbell press is more beneficial.

Joint action: Shoulder abduction, elbow extension
Muscles Impacted: anterior deltoid, triceps brachii

How to do:
Stand straight and weigh the weights according to your strength, if doing first time then take light weight. Make sure your legs and shoulder are not in same line, slightly outside shoulder line and now keeping arms straight take them towards your head and then back to shoulder line. Make sure your body posture is same while during the same.
Upwards- exhale
Downwards- inhale
After this you can do it with barbell as well.