Vegan Diet Plan

From a long time people discus about Vegetarian, Non- Vegetarian and sometime Eaggetarian concept but there is a different terminology called Vegan.

Most of people not familiar to it that why they call it’s new term. Vegan word introduced beginnings in 1944 by The Vegan Society.

Vegan’s, a society of leaving people who not consume any product of animal origin like i.e. Dairy product, meat, eggs and honey as well as the product that made by animals pelt.

Vegans generally choose to avoid the animal product because they believe that animals have their own rights to live freedom and people generally use-up their life for consuming its meat, drink its milk and wear its pelt, especially when there alternatives way is available.

They take plan and nature based item that because it may reduce the risk of many disease like diabetes, cancer, heart problem and many more. Generally Vegans avoid the meat because if you hunting more animals then it will impact on animals eco-system.


2 whole wheat bread with 2 tsp peanut butter, orange juice or 1 apple + almonds = 4 piece (kcal=335) (protein-13.5g).

1 cup oats with soyamilk + almonds =4 piece (kcal-350) (protein-17.5g).

Veg upma with Orange + almonds - 4 piece (kcal-350) (protein-10g).


1 chapati (30g) + 1 cup black beans + 1cup brown rice (kcal-370) (protein-14g) salad - cucumber, carrot.

1 whole wheat bread + green beans + brown rice + salad-cucumber, broccoli (kcal-320) (protein-15g).

1 chapati (30g) + lentil beans 1 cup+brown rice+ salad-broccoli, carrot (kcal-350) (protein -15g).

Quino (plant) 1 cup Cooked + 1 chapati salad-beetroot , cucumber (kcal-340)(protein -14g).


Roasted chickpeas (20g) +pistachio 20g (kcal-60) (protein-8g).

Fruits salad (100g)+pistachio 20g (kcal-130) (protein-6g).

Fiber biscuits (4pic) +pistachio 20g (kcal-100) (protein-6g).

Sprouts (100gm) + walnuts 20g (kcal-130) (protein-6g).

100gm sweet potatoes+walnut 20g (kcal-190) (protein-6g).

Pre Dinner

Corn soup 1cup (kcal-100) (protein-2g).

Tomato soup 1 cup (kcal-100) (protein -3g).


Natto (boiled soyabeans) 1cup salad -(cucumber, broccoli) (kcal-160) (protein -20g).

1 cup spinach (cooked) + small whole wheat bread, salad-( carrot, beetroot) (kcal-180) (protein -11g).

1cup - fenugreak leaves (cooked) + small whole wheat bread ,salad -(cucumber, broccoli) (kcal-180) (protein -10g).

1cup 100gm - tempeh (soya bean products) salad - beetroot, carrot (kcal-250) (protein-20g).


Kcal - 1200 around.

Protein - 60g around.

Fiber - 25g around.

Calcium, iron, vitamin C, E, A, K, B6, B12 sodium, fat, omega 3,6,9 are including.

Hemp seeds :-

Hemp seeds provide all the essential amino acids. Hemp seeds are the seeds of the bemp plant, hemp seeds contains (omega 3 & 6) protein vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. You can cook or roast it.

Health benefits :-

Hemp oil is also very healthy as it reduces risk of heart diseases and improve blood level in your body. You can include this in your daily diet.

Sunflower seeds :-

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin C. It helps to reduce asthma problem, lower down high blood pressure. Prevents heart attack and stroke related issues. You can include this in your daily diet.

Pumpkin seeds :-

Pumpkin seeds have been associated with lower levels of stomach, breast, lung prostate and colon cancer.

- Reduced risk breast cancer.

- Controlling blood pressure.

- Reducing heart disease risk.

- Forming and maintaining health bones.

- Regulating blood sugar levels.